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Elegance and minimalism are what the Scandinavian model is all about! If you are looking for ease and functionality in your interiors, this is the one for you. It has managed to influence Europe because of its cold winters and short days. The houses were small so the principle is to optimize your interiors, everything should be in its place, remaining comfortable and airy with as much natural light as possible!

By combining influences from Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland, this Nordic look was born.


An historical perspective… The "Scandinavian design" exhibition was a success in the United States and Canada from 1954 to 1957, but Scandinavian design has been known for over a century. It blossomed along with Dadaism and functionalism in 1930, thanks to numerous exhibitions of early Scandinavian furniture, such as the one in Stockholm where art professionals presented their work.


As independence and democracy spread in Europe, a vast market for design and furniture took shape to which everyone had access and it was during this period that Scandinavian design dominated, thanks to its strong points of elegance, simplicity, influenced by nature and the cold environment.


The aim is to optimize the light, so painting your brick walls with white paint will give you the brightness you are looking for! 


Don't decorate your windows, use simple layouts, and you're all set to emphasize the minimalist aesthetic!


To set up your decoration, use basic shapes, with lines, a look without artifice or frills! Candles can also be used to bring softness and warmth to the room, which is what we are looking for in a home.


The walls can be embellished with colorful pictures and posters, with a retro or colorful look, and for this we have selected  https://decorglee.com/products/nordic-style-forest-landscape-canvas-poster or https://decorglee.com/products/coastal-seascape-wall-art


For the finishes, pine, beech, and ash for a comfortable and natural design. The use of stains and lacquers to keep the brightness and the impression of lightness.



For the furniture choice, quality wood and simple, functional geometric shapes. It is essential to avoid weighing down the room with accumulations of fabrics, each decoration is studied and used with care. For example, if you put a colored carpet or striped cushions, it brings a warmer atmosphere to the very neutral side of the room. A piece of advice is to avoid synthetic materials as much as possible, as they give a cheap look, but prefer cotton, wool, or linen.


Prefer a palette of white, neutral, pastel colors to support the luminous atmosphere once again. To make the room more dynamic, add more brightness touches, such as purple or green. This palette goes perfectly with natural wood, which is the trademark of the Scandinavian style.


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