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Top 10 hacks to bring your walls to life

As Helen Rowland used to say, “Home is any four walls that enclose the right person”. We will hardly help you be / find the right person, but we can make sure to bring life to your walls! It is not just about hanging your aunt paintings on the wall anymore. Today there are so many decoration and design ideas for your walls to make your home warm and welcoming. Here are our top 10 hacks and tips for all budget, type of interior and taste. What is your favorite?


  1) Green wall / botanical wall (hanging plants, succulent, moss balls etc…)

 What better idea to bring your wall to life than to actually put real life on it? Okay do not hang your cat on there, plants will just do the trick. Look for walls with good exposure and bright light. We like to have a great diversity of plants, in particular: hanging plants (ex. Philodendron scandens, Scindapsus pictus), succulent plants or even moss. We only have one rule: never (ever) artificial plants. Yes, it is easier to keep, but on top of being ugly, it will make your interior feel cheap and cold. To set your green wall, either use wooden shelves for a comfy and natural design or gridwall panels for a more modern and Scandinavian design. 

  • Our selection of gridwall panel: Amazon
  • For the plants: We strongly advise you to go to your local flower shop and avoid buying on internet / on large retailers. Florists have been highly impacted by the Covid crisis, they need your support to survive. They will also have the best advice to help you select the perfect plants for your Green wall.

 Displaying plants on a panel grid

2) Quality wallpaper 

No, wallpapers are not the pink flowers of you grand-mother house anymore. Trends for classy and design wallpapers are coming back hard in 2021. Even famous interior designers propose fancy wallpapers for celebrities. Quality wallpapers can be expensive but great value for money can be found. Personally, I used Hovia murals wallpaper for my dining room in Paris and the result is astonishing ! (We have no commercial relationship with this supplier, this is not an advertisement, just a feedback from a satisfied customer 😊)

 Example of a design wallpaper

3) Posters of every size

 Posters are the most efficient, easy and fun way to bring your walls to life:

  • Posters can be changed easily so you can never get bored with your interior,
  • Posters are sold in every size in our shop, fitting any kind of decoration and interior,
  • Posters are of all styles and design at Decorglee shop, it is up to you to find the perfect match,
  • Posters are cheap,
  • Decorglee’s posters are resistant and do not fade.

 "Golden Crack"

We love to mix a great variety of designs and size, often on the same wall. At Decorglee we put a lot of passion in our job. Our posters are printed on quality canvas with giclee print. You can reach out anytime to get advice on the product or even the style to chose for your interior. Please send us a mail and our salesteam will happily help you find the perfect designs for your walls.


4) Oversized Mirrors

 Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who’s the Fairest of Them All? Queen-Witch from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs may have 84 years today, she nonetheless has great tastes on wall decoration! We love the oversized mirrors with design shapes, just like this product on Urban Outfitters.

 Urban Outfitters' mirror

5) Design shelves

 Traditional shelves can be boring, but we now find exotic shapes for every budget! Beehive shelves give a very modern design to your walls and can be shaped as you wish. On ETSY for example, you will find handicraft products made with great material.


 6) Wall cladding / Wall paneling

 White walls in modern flats often lack a bit of charm… but with wall cladding / wall paneling, new textures can be applied directly on the surface. You can try different looks for each parts of the house: rough stones in the living room for a countrified look, light wood in the bedroom to warm-up the atmosphere…



 7) Flashy lights

 From light panels, to fairy curtains and wall light effects, it can really make your walls MAGICAL! Depending on the color and the intensity of the light, a wide range of atmosphere is possible: romantic, sophisticated, comfy, futuristic… It obviously work best during the evening, this is why we like to combine light effects with any of the 9 other hacks to bring your walls to life.

 For more ideas and products you can check Warmlydecor.


8) Personal pictures

 Hanging pictures gives an intimate touch on any walls. Be carefoul to have a balanced spacing, harmonized colours and do not hesitate to play with different proportions. As any interior designer would say, the way your pictures are displayed is crucial and transformative for the space and the feeling given off. For classy grey and with pictures, go for traditional framing. For more fun and exotic pictures, you can hang them on a clothesline !


9) Bookcases and bookshelves

Books do not only give a rich and sophisticated touch to your interior, it is also the perfect icebreaker when inviting someone to your place ! It will catch the eye and say a lot about you. Here more than the design, be careful on what books to display… If you are not into reading, it works on CD and vinyl too!


 10) Paint your walls !

If you like the adventure and want a super personalized decoration, this is your solution. Don't be afraid, go for it. Many tutorials give you great ideas and tips to deliver your unique & original wall !


We hope you liked this selection of ideas. Did we miss some cool hacks to bring our walls to life? Put in the comments !


All external products featured on Decorglee blog are independently selected by our editors. We do not  earn any affiliate commission.

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